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You are searching since ages the Internet for a suitable accommodation for your holiday, Long-term stay or you want to live in Bali?

Frustration is spreading, because you end up for hours on web pages with inflated prices or incomplete information, but actually you only want to book the property of your dreams..

Its done right now, Bali Consult is exactly the webpage you are looking for.

BaliConsult an established company, that specializes in villa rentals and sales of holiday homes has. We don't offer any villa! Bali Consult takes care, to offer manual selected villas, for reasonable prices- and good value for money without overpricing. We got the perfect properties for every budget.

Please let us know, about your expectations of your desired home.

As more information you give to us, as more we are able to offer you a suitable property.




We - Bali Consult - were ask by the IBSN study abroad program at the Udayana University and the EOC program - Flensburg, about our service to find suitable accommodations, for exchange students..
We're look forward, to offer individual accommodations, for every budget.
So if you are looking for a suitable villa, or bungalow, or a house for your time of study in Bali, then you are welcome to try our service!
As your big benefit with us is, that you don't necessarily need to rent a complete villa, as it is usually the case with other agencies, but we offer you the opportunity , at most of our villas, to rent rooms individually.

This is only possible at Bali-Consult

So you can for the objects of your study time, share with other classmates / inside / sharen, what the objects significantly cheaper and thus affordable makes.
It appears you might at first glance to be expensive, a villa, bungalow, or to rent a house. You will quickly realize this but, that this is for you, "expects", compared to a hotel room. Adds the times perhaps even targeted in the price of hotel rooms 1 Month and you will see, that you not be more expensive in the Villa, bungalow, or house to share with someone / sharen!
The bedrooms are usually with one double bed (king, queensize), or 2 Single beds!
However, if you have a friend /, Students / inside you, with her you want to share a bedroom, is the only thing your.
This reduces your cost for the room as early as 50%!

  • your great advantage when renting from us is:
  • together for her fellow students / inside, what you know already from the University ago.
  • you have common interests
  • you can share with each other you / study
  • to and from the university form a carpool
  • and what is more important, go out and have fun together!

How it works:
You seek from you, which object you like, or. your asking price corresponds to where you want to live.

We do all our calculations assume price, that each bedroom is rented by a person, this matter, whether it is a single bed, or is a double bed!

If you like it and tell us soon enough, We pick you up from the airport and bring you to your rented Objekt.Da then takes the keys. This is easier for you and you find "your" object immediately immediately!

With the following pictures you can you get an idea, what you at beautiful objects, expected for the period of your study in Bali!

Send us an e-mail with your questions, for more details, or with your registration

Important: The agreed rental period begins with the day of move in. It is not necessary to comply with calendar months!

Student loan: Anyone who has booked through us, we help you with the application!

E-Mail : baliconsult@gmx.net

You can also reach us by phone:

in Indonesia 081-2384-1299

from abroad +62-361-81-2384-1299


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