data protection

Data protection

This privacy statement explains, like Villa Oasis uses this personal information and data. We appreciate your trust, Therefore, we have endeavored, represent this directive clearly. simple language. The policy is structured, you can find answers to the questions quickly, that interest you the most.

This Privacy Policy applies to all booking, Services and websites, offered by Villa Oasis and its affiliated companies, unless otherwise stated. Products, Services and websites are collectively referred to as this Directive “services” designated. Some services have additional privacy policies, explaining our specific privacy practices detailed in respect of such services. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the Villa Oasis are provided with headquarters in Indonesia.



  • What information does Oasis Villa ?

If you use Villa Oasis, we collect information about you and your use of our services from various sources. These are listed below. The following sections describe, like Villa Oasis uses this information.

information, we collect directly from you.

  • Registration information. You need to register for an account Villa Oasis, before you can make a reservation for Villa Oasis. When you register for an account, we collect your username, Your password and your e-mail address.

  • Abrechnungsdaten.Wenn you make a payment to Villa Oasis, You must enter your billing information, including name, Address, E-mail address and financial information, corresponding to your selected payment method (of. B. Credit card number and expiration date or bank) ). If you specify a billing address, We regard this as the location of the account holder. Our integrations with payment gateways third-party processing purposes only. Villa Oasis stores or logs confidential cardholder data, provided by you or your users form. Villa Oasis follow industry standard best practices, to protect the security of cardholder data during processing and transmission. Villa Oasis has a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant certified service provider. This is the highest security level, that you can achieve as a company, payments to and from credit cards.

  • account settings. You can set different settings and personal details on the part, of. B. on the page with your account settings . For example, your default language, Time zone and communication settings (of. B. Enable or disable marketing emails from Villa Oasis).

  • form data. We save your form data (questions and answers) for her.

  • other data, you share intentionally. We may collect your personal information or data, if you provide us with this in a different context. For example, if you give us a testimonial or participate in a contest of Villa Oasis.

We share or do not use the email addresses of your respondents. Villa Oasis will get in touch with your claim forms or people in your address book. Villa Oasis is that email addresses are not sold to third parties or otherwise make available.